Adjust Feed Rates Tab

Adjust Feed Rates Tab

The third tab, “Adjust Feed Rates”, will show you another way to look at your 16 GS color shades. A graph. BCL has now plotted the photo shade values on a graph for your eye to see.

The kind of line you want to see, starts at the lower left and should move upwards towards the right. Ideally, each dot should be, from left to right, higher than the previous one. There are 16 dots.

In the picture below, the 14th and 15th dots are at the same level. This indicates they have the same or very nearly the same shading color. The line connecting them together is horizontal and we call that a ‘shelf’. The 15th dot should be higher up on the graph.

Write down the current dark and light feed speeds for reference. Now adjust the dark and/or the light spin buttons and get that 15th dot to move up. By adjusting the speeds, your goal is to remove any horizontal lines.

BCL will update the graph in real time as you adjust the feed speeds. When you get the graph looking the way you want, you will have to burn another GS test pattern so you can generate the new values. You would click on the large blue button and that will take you back to the first tab, where you can burn another test pattern and repeat the process to get back to this tab.

Hopefully, when you look at the graph on this tab with the second pattern burn, there will be no horizontal lines in the graph and you’re done with this part.

If there is still a ‘shelf’ in the graph, you can either try to remove it again and burn a third pattern — or — leave as is and move on to the fourth and last tab.

Why would you move on? Remember that every square inch of wood has a different texture. If you’re using a soft wood, when you burn another GS test pattern, it’s going to burn slightly differently than you think. It’s probably going to have another ‘shelf’ in the burn pattern. So you could end up ‘chasing your tail’ by burning more test patterns. I recommend if you’re using a soft wood to only burn one or two at the most, test patterns.

If you’re using a hard wood, you’ll get more reliable burn patterns and usually, one adjustment is all you will need to make, if that.

Adjust Dark Feed Rate. Adjusting this value will change the graph line in real time.

Adjust Light Feed Rate. Adjusting this value will change the graph line in real time.

Use New Feed Rates to Burn a New Test Pattern Button. Clicking this button will take you back to the first tab so you can burn another GS test pattern.