Grayscale Engraving

Grayscale Engraving

BCL supports Grayscale engraving and Black and White engraving.

This section will cover Grayscale (GS) engraving.

Design Considerations

When designing engraving capabilities for laser software, you can go with one of two basic designs: use a constant laser power and/or use a variable laser power design. All designs will also use variable feed speeds.

After much testing, Paul and I decided to go with a constant laser power design. This means that the laser power you set into your laser tool during calibration will never change. Feed rates will change to produce the desired engraving affect.

Does this mean that a variable laser power design is bad? No, not at all. It turns out to be more of a developer personal preference. So I’m giving you some information here. Some laser software will vary the laser power to get their desired results. BCL uses a constant laser power approach with variable feed speeds.

G-Code Optimization

This is without a doubt the most important aspect of designing engraving software. Writing and optimizing your engraving g-code. Paul has put a lot of work and late night hours into optimizing the engraving g-code for BCL. And it shows. BCL can engrave on light colored hard woods with absolutely outstanding results.