The first thing I’d like to do is thank my development partner Paul Henty. He is the designer of BenCutLaser’s (BCL) engraving feature. He did an outstanding job, meeting our goal of bringing world class photo engraving capability to our low power laser machines!

I provided the work flow testing, photo/image testing and general feedback to Paul, and together, over a four month period of very hard work, we have refined the image engraving features of BCL.

There is no other software that does engraving calibration that we do. We designed a laser tool calibration process that can produce truly outstanding engraving results. It does take a bit of work to calibrate your laser tool, but you only have to do this once.

In addition, the type of wood you are engraving on has a lot to do with the kind of quality you will get. Some woods are just better to engrave on than others.

The goal that Paul and I had to bring image engraving capability to BenCutLaser was simple: We wanted world class engraving capability. This was simple and easy to say, but it was very hard to accomplish. After four months of hard work, I’m happy to report that we have achieved our goal! World class, state of the art engraving has come to BCL!

BCL with photo/image engraving is a major upgrade, with a major release bump to version 2.0.

All current BCL users can upgrade to version 2.0 free of charge.