Test Burn Tab

Test Burn Tab

This tab will allow you to select an area of the image and do a test burn. The purpose of this feature is to save a lot of time. You won’t have to burn the whole image only to find out it’s just a little too dark or a little too light.

Selection Button. Click to enable. Next, click anywhere on the photo on the left side and holding down the mouse button, drag the cyan dotted line across the image until the test burn area is defined as you want. Release the mouse.

Cropping Tool: You can use this feature to crop the photo for your final image burn. Normally, this feature is used to define a small test burn area to check your shades (brightness, contrast). However, it is also useful if you want to define your final image burn area. So you can also use it as a cropping tool.

Red X Button. The cyan dotted line box will remain active until you click this button to remove it from the photo.

[ ] Send To VLM (Virtual Laser Machine). If desired, you can send the g-code to the VLM to check mainly positioning on the material, but also check the imaging g-code.

Burn Selected Area Button. When you have marked the test burn area, you can click this button to send it to the laser machine.

Stopwatch Icon. After marking the test burn area, click this button to get a time estimate of how long the test burn will take.

Disconnected Button. Since this window is modal (means you cannot access any other BCL window), you can use this button to connect and disconnect BCL from the laser machine.

Jogging Arrows. You can jog the laser head to a clear area of the wood to do the test burn.

When you are done with setting the brightness and/or the contrast and are finished with doing test burns, you can click on the red X in the upper right corner of the window to close it.

Now you can click on the main (2) Generate G-Code tab of BCL and generate the g-code and then send it to the laser machine. The whole image will be burned.