I am the Admin for the support forum www.BenboxLaser.us. This is a US-based community support forum for laser diode machines and for CO2 lasers. There is a Board (in the Software category) specifically for BenCutLaser on that forum. You may post technical questions there for me to respond to.

The BenCutLaser software Board is here:


All information about BenCutLaser is posted on that support forum in the BenCutLaser section.

Important: While you can change the drive letter to install BCL if you wish, the folder name (BenCutLaser) must not change.

BCL Ver 2.0+ Engraving Feature

As Paul and I prepare for the beta testing phase of BCL’s new engraving feature, I am adding the Engraving Users Manual to the menu system on the left side of this website. Please check back often as I continue to update the manual.

The version of BCL with Engraving, will be a jump up to 2.0+. So any version of BCL that is less than 2.0 will not contain engraving.

Engraving Users Manual

The Engraving Users Manual is contained here on this website and is now completed.